Royal Events Conventions


We hope you had an exceptional and unforgettable weekend
We thank you for the incredible welcome you have made to our 8 wonderful guests, they were all delighted to have shared this weekend with you!
Although the series is over, they are all grateful to see that the Wolfies are still here to share unique moments with them.

Thanks to all the participants of the Wolfies Party, many of you came in disguise and you did not do things in half, thanks to you and the general good mood, all the actors also had fun (as well as some Wolfies who could have stayed until the end of the night;))

Each convention is different and this sixth Teen Wolf was particularly incredible and thanks to you, thank you for your trust, your good mood, your smiles, your tears of happiness and your laughs, it is always a pleasure for us to spend time with you!

At the moment we are not yet ready to say goodbye and we think you either... So see you next year?? ❤

Photos in digital and ambiance available in the coming weeks!