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08/15/16 The Full Moon is Coming 4

Tfmic4 Teen Wolf convention

Our Teen Wolf convention "The Full Moon is Coming" is back for its fourth edition: #TFMIC4 !!! :)

It will take place on July, 8 & 9 July 2017 in Toulouse, with the presence of 4 actors of the series (minimum).

The ticket shop will open on August 21 at 19pm, you can already find descriptions and prices of our pass on this link:

Five participants who ordered a pass between the opening of the ticket shop and August 28 will be drawn to win a group photoshoot each! (Note that the order must be paid within 7 days)

The pass prices have not increased compared to the last edition, some are even a bit cheaper. 
However the prices of some pass will increase with the approach of the convention, allowing a better organization on our side.
You can find the array of price changes at the bottom of the extras descriptions page on our website (link above).

Remember that you can pay your pass in several times, more info: