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08/12/18 Meagan Tandy will be present at TFMIC5!

Tfmic5 Meagan Tandy

We are delighted to welcome Meagan Tandy for her very first Teen Wolf convention
She really wanted to meet you and she can not wait to share this weekend with you!!
Meagan is a bonus guest, her autographs are included in some passes but not her photoshoots:
> Autograph included in the pass:
VIP, Alpha, Beta
> Photoshoot included in the pass:
All other passes can buy extras with Meagan

Her extras, as well as a new duo photoshoot with Shelley Hennig are available now on our ticket shop.

She will participate in the group photoshoot and other planned activities (Wolfies Party, appetizer and private lunch, announced soon).

Meagan is the last guest, we hope that the guests will please you and that you will spend an unforgettable weekend in their company