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06/20/16 TFMIC3 Promotions

From midnight tonight enjoy a pass offered for the purchase of two same pass! (The pass offered is equal to the two pass purchased or the cheaper of the two. For the third pass be taken into account thank you to specify the name / surname of the three participants in the comment box during your order)

On 22/06, benefit 10€ offered on all photo-graphs and the Wolfies Party evening (with the code "TFMIC3-10" to enter during your order - you will receive three nominative tickets)

On 23/06, get 50€ offered on all the meetings (with the "TFMIC3-MEETING" code to enter during your order)

On 24/06 save 15€ offered on the trio photoshoot of Max, Charlie and Ian (with the promo code "TFMIC3-BOYS"  to enter during your order) 

On 25/06 for every purchase of a photoshoot Max + a photoshoot Charlie, an autograph of Max or Charlie is offered (to benefit thank you to specify if you want the autograph offered with Max or Charlie in the comment box during your order- the three extras tickets will be in your pocket the day of the convention) 

On 26/06 get 20€ offered on the group photoshoot (with the promo code "TFMIC3-GROUPE" to enter during your order)

All promotions work from 0:01 to 23:59. Note that the promotions codes can not be combined on the same order. All orders not respecting the conditions given will be canceled.

Tfmic3 promotion