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06/10/17 Special Offers TFMIC4

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The ticket shop will close on June 25th. All payments by check or bank transfer have to be sent by June 26th at the latest so we can receive it on time. 

We decided to please you one last time before we close the ticket shop, so we offer you different promotions until June 25th: 

> From June 12th to June 13th:
A meeting purshased = a meeting offered
To beneficiate from this offer, please precise in the comment section of your purchase with who you want the second meeting (you can’t choose two meetings with Ian Bohen) 

> From June 14th to June 15th: 
Duo photoshoot work for two participants - automatic promotion for each purchase of a duo photoshoot 

> From June 16th to June 17th:
Discounts from -10% to -35% on duo photoshoots, group photoshoot, and the Wolfies party 

> From June 18th to June 19th:
Discounts from -10% to -40% on some simple photoshoots 

> From June 20th to June 22th:
Discounts from -10% to -30% on some autographs 

> From June 23th to June 25th: 
Simple photoshoots for Shelley, Ryan, Linden, Susan, Max, and Charlie work for two participants, automatic promotion for each purchase of one of these photoshoots 

Promotions will start at 00:01 and will end at 23:59. If you are considering ordering multiple purchase on this period, you will be able to group together your transfers on the same bank transfer or check payment (precising the orders numbers)  

Less than a month to wait before the convention, we can’t wait to see you again Wolfies!