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02/29/16 We are Grounders

Hello Grounders!!

We hope that you are well rested after this magical weekend.

We are delighted to have welcomed Marie Bob and Richard, who were amazing, they really loved spending their weekend in your company. This was their first convention only dedicated to The 100  and they were very happy to see so many fans of the show in France! They found you very respectful, adorable and they all want to come back in Toulouse!

We wish to thank you all for your good mood, your respect for the guests and our team.
You contributed to make this weekend unforgettable for the actors, our team and ourselves! Your smiles, your thanks, your hugs, your tears, your messages, it's our greatest reward after months of work.

Thank you to our incredible team for your involvement, your support, your smiles throughout the weekend, we are so proud and happy to have you in our team!
Thank you to all our photographers for their photos and videos of the convention! (Online soon)
Also thank you to all the staff of the Holiday Inn to have answered all our expectations and being present so that everything goes well!

And do not forget in 2017 >>> "WE ARE BACK BITCHES !!!"

PS: for the unprinted photos, we will keep you informed once we have time to prepare everything in order to send them by post! Thank you for your patience :)

Have a nice evening!

Wag is back